2017-18 Football Greats of the Game Album


Each album is limited-edition album is individually-numbered.

Regal Greats of the Game redefines high end, limited edition trading cards in Australia.

With limited production quantities, this new release boasts a selection of over 40 different players across a variety of eras and celebrates the contributions they made in making the game what it is today.

This release contains some of the most sought-after trading cards the industry has ever seen. All high-quality signature cards are individually-numbered.

Greats of the Game is the first ever product to feature authentic signature cards of Phil Carman, Michael Malthouse, Kelvin Templeton, Warwick Capper, John Beckwith and Brian Peake.

Other notable stars in this release include Ron Barassi, Peter Daicos, Royce Hart, Gavin Wanganeen, Bill Walker, Terry Daniher, Anthony Koutoufides and many more.

This product is not authorised, endorsed or approved by any licensing body, league or association.